Love Letter-Romantic Ideas

Here are 9 romantic ideas for creating a little celebration with your sweetheart that range from entirely free to luxury splurge. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can create a special memory that both of you will treasure.

1. Tape a note to the television that says “Let me turn you on instead.”

2. Send her a romantic letter or love note via snail mail (several days in advance of Valentine’s), and make sure she’s the one who goes out to collect the mail so that she’ll be the first to see it.

3. Make a small romantic display on her bedside table: a fabulous bottle of wine, two wine glasses, a votive candle. You can leave a little note folded on the pillow with your plan for a romantic night in.

4. Make a Valentine’s mixtape (even if it’s digital!) with some sexy songs. Load it onto his media player right before he heads out for a workout or a run.

5. Hire a limo service and surprise your lover when it arrives to take you both out to your Valentine’s day dinner.

6. Instead of a regular, perfunctory kiss goodbye in the morning, stop her in her tracks with a serious French kiss.

7. Plan a sexy picnic, using only finger foods and plenty of lickable, dippable treats. Don’t take any silverware, and take her home to be the dessert.

8. Take him out into the back yard after the kids are in bed, and surprise him with a Valentine’s night slow dance under the stars. Music optional!

9. Plan a romantic Valentine’s bath for two. Don’t forget the bath oil, candles, and champagne. Wash each other’s hair, use some soothing skin care products or sugar scrubs, and dry each other off with extra large towels warm from the dryer.

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